On Thursday, Sept. 12 an additional entrance to @the Grounds was opened located at the brand-new intersection of Junction Boulevard and Event Center Drive. Not only will this entrance provide easier accessibility to @the Grounds, it will decrease traffic in the adjacent neighborhood.

Jason Shykowski, the Public Works Director for the City of Roseville elaborated, "With a new entrance to @the Grounds, Roseville is looking forward to seeing improved traffic flow, especially during large events."

With the Placer Valley Event Center opening in February of 2020 @the Grounds, this new traffic signal and entrance was an integral aspect to the project.

"Completing the new fairgrounds entrance from Junction Boulevard marks a major milestone in progress towards opening the event center early next year," stated Placer County's Deputy Director of Public Works, Mark Rideout. "This new signalized intersection will now draw event traffic into the site from a major roadway, and its development reflects the close coordination between Placer County, the City of Roseville and Placer Valley Tourism's staff and construction team."

Lawton Avenue is also undergoing road improvements that will ease traffic issues near that parking lot entrance and for the adjacent neighborhood.

In addition to the new entrance, new addresses have been assigned to @the Grounds buildings. The administrative office is now 451 Los Vegas Ave., Jones Hall is 850 Event Center Dr., Johnson Hall is 750 Event Center Dr. and 700 Event Center Drive will be the address for the Placer Valley Event Center.

If you would like more information on the traffic projects @the Grounds or the Placer Valley Event Center please contact us at 916-773-5400.