Oak Creek BMX

Q & A Time with New Co-Track Operator Amanda Lowry

Amanda Lowry is pictured in center with others at a recent Oak Creek BMX event.

When the long-time track operators of Oak Creek BMX retired in July of this year, the decision to have the track become a non-profit organization evolved and the two new co-track operators, the new board members and other volunteers have been stepping up in a big way! They have already unveiled a new logo, been revamping the facility and have been revving up events! Placer Valley Tourism had a chance to chat with Amanda Lowry, one of the new track operators, to learn more about how she got involved and what the future holds for this beloved BMX track in Roseville.

Q: How did you become involved with the exciting sport of BMX and Oak Creek?

A: I started my journey in BMX when I met my husband in 1988. He was a BMX racer at the time. I started out as just a spectator and as our two children became involved in the sport, we joined a team in Santa Rosa. In 2003, we moved to Yuba City and I took over the management of the team here in the Sacramento area. Oak Creek BMX became our home track at that time. I started out volunteering in the registration booth on occasion to help out the track operators. It slowly became a more permanent place for me running the track along-side the track operators. Last year, Nathan Johanson had an idea of starting a non-profit group and purchasing the track from the current owners. I dove in head first with him to take over the track!

Q: Now that you are officially one of Oak Creek BMX’s Co-Track Operators and the secretary of the board, what do these positions entail?
A: I have a very large/broad range of duties to make sure that the track is running smoothly and efficiently. Behind the scenes, I am taking meeting minutes at our board meetings, posting them on our Facebook page, answering questions on Facebook, fielding phone calls, ordering trophies, doing all of the daily paperwork to submit to the USA BMX and balancing the daily totals and paying bills. At the track, I am also responsible for making sure that we have volunteers for our events. I handle registration, score keeping and just making sure that each event runs smoothly.

Q: Wow- you are one busy lady! The future is definitely looking bright for Oak Creek BMX! Since taking over what have you been most excited about? What do you guys have planned for the immediate future?
A: We are so excited for the future! In just three short months, we have increased our rider count, moto count and the amount of people that are willing to volunteer out at the track. The vibe out there is AMAZING and the people are so excited for all of the changes. We have already put into place large clean up days to remove the excess debris on the property, as well as replaced several items such as compressors, rams, storage facilities etc. Our next biggest upgrade will be getting a new gate system. The gate system is currently being built and should be installed within the next month or so.

Q: What is the most rewarding aspect for you regarding your involvement with Oak Creek BMX?
A: The relationships that are made out at the track are very rewarding. Not only with the parents, but with the riders as well. The friendships extend outside of our track and on to other places when we travel. I also enjoy the excitement on the faces of the racers when they either are riding for the first time, or accomplish a goal they have set out to achieve. It is all for the love of the kids and the sport!

Q: Why should someone come out and watch a race or better yet, get out on the track?
A: BMX is an incredible family sport. All children and parents can ride and do the sport together. It is a great way to spend quality time with your children as well as get exercise. As I mentioned above, the relationships at the track are truly amazing!

Clearly Oak Creek BMX is in great hands! Here at PVT we want to give a heartfelt thank you to Amanda for her unwavering dedication, inspiring vision and firm commitment to Oak Creek and all the BMX riders that race the track!