Q & A with Jenny Knisley

Tournament Director of the 2021 United States Women’s Disc Golf Championship

USWDGC Tournament Director, Jenny Knisley

Q: Could you give us a brief background on the United States Women’s Disc Golf Championship?

A: Harold Duvall ran the first "Women's National Championship" in 1999. It kept the same name for the 2000 tournament and then switched to "US Women's Disc Golf Championship" for 2001-2003. Starting in 2004 it changed to "United States Women's Disc Golf Championship." and has remained that way ever since. This year will be the 22nd edition of the tournament. The event last took place in Virginia in 2019 with 166 players. Currently, 260 players have registered for the 2021 event.

Q: How did you get started in Disc Golf?

A: I was initially introduced to Disc Golf through my husband who was really into it. As someone who loves running events, I became increasingly involved with disc golf through organizing the disc golf events.

I remember when I used to mention disc golf to people back in the day, they had no idea what I was talking about. Now the sport has gained a lot of interest and much more people are familiar with disc golf. Last year, COVID actually helped boost interest in disc golf, since it is a fun activity people of all ages can enjoy outdoors.

Q: As the Tournament Director, can you tell us what your role entails?

A: It’s everything. I oversee the overall management of the event from getting a bid, to getting the courses, sign-ups, and the opening ceremony…all kinds. However, I could not do it all by myself and have lots of volunteers to thank.

Q: What is the most rewarding aspect of this role?

A: As a Tournament Director for the Women’s Disc Golf Tournament, running an event that supports women’s empowerment is very rewarding. I am an active member of the Soroptimist International, which is a “worldwide volunteer service organization for women who work for peace, and in particular to improve the lives of women and girls, in local communities and throughout the world”. I’ve been a member of the Soroptimist Loomis Basin for 25 years. Currently, I am a Delegate for the Club and the Election Coordinator for the Sierra Nevada Region.

Q: What piece of advice would you give to someone interested in competing in a Disc Golf Championship?

A: People from all over the United States participate in the US Women’s Disc Golf Championship. I recommend the players read the rules, and make sure they don’t go “OB” – out of bounds. Competitors should also take a look at the detailed Online Caddy Book.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like the public to know about the upcoming US Women’s Disc Golf Championship?

A: If you are interested in supporting the event, the tournament will be selling fundraiser discs. Also, people are still welcome to volunteer, spectate, or sponsor the event. You can find out how at this link.

Q: Finally, how does partnering with Placer Valley Tourism support your organization, Final 9 Sports?

A: Donna Dotti, Placer Valley Tourism Director of Sales has been amazing in helping to obtain the bid which made the event possible. PVT has supported Final 9 with capital improvements on the courses to include a new tee sign at Rocklin Johnson Springview Park. Thanks to Donna for being so available in getting more courses, it has been a pleasure communicating with her!

New Sign at Rocklin Johnson Springview Park

Placer Valley Tourism would like to thank Jenny for her hard work in planning this exciting disc golf tournament in our local area. You can find out more information regarding the US Women’s Disc Golf Championship in the related event link below.