Woodcreek Aquatics

Q & A time with Adam Carter, the new President of the Woodcreek Aquatics Club

Adam Carter, Woodcreek Aquatics Club President, pictured with his sons Shane and Jackson.

The Woodcreek Aquatics Club (WAC), which serves Woodcreek High School's water polo and swimming programs, is one of Placer Valley Tourism's long-time partners. The Roseville Aquatics Complex is their home pool and they host several high school aquatic events throughout the school year. As the high school swim season is just getting underway, we chatted with the new WAC President to welcome him and learn more about their exciting upcoming competitions! Read the Q & A here:

Q: How long have you been the WAC President and what led you to that position?

A: I have been a part of the Woodcreek Aquatics Club since the start of water polo season in August 2018 but have only been the WAC President since June of 2019. Former President TJ Kay has set the bar extremely high and I hope I can do half the job that he has done in the past. The President position was just an area WAC needed filled and I was happy to help when asked, I wasn’t looking to be President just wanted to help where needed.

Q: Is the club run primarily by parent volunteers?

A: WAC is completely run by parent volunteers and has a very strong tradition of supporting their athletes and coaches. We have a few parents who continue to support WAC even though their kids are no longer playing water polo or swimming. The aquatics program requires many volunteers to run our high level of events and I’d like to thank our Parents, Old Timers and current Board Members for their support.

Q: What is the most rewarding aspect for you?

A: Seeing new athletes develop the passion for water polo or swim is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a part of the Woodcreek Aquatics Club. The second aspect is seeing our athletes compete at their highest level against some of the best teams in the state. Our coach’s and support staff have done an amazing job at developing a great culture for our athletes to practice and compete in.

Q: WAC hosts several aquatic events throughout the school year, can you tell us a little about your upcoming Woodcreek Swim Invitational and the two championships WAC will be hosting in April?

A: The Woodcreek Invite, on March 13-14, will showcase up to 25 teams and well over 1,000 swimmers. Over the two-day competition, we will see some of the fastest swimmers in the state. This event will be extremely exciting as it usually comes down the final relays to see which team wins the coveted Woodcreek Invite Trophy. The Nor-Cal Championship arrives on April 17-18 and is a very exciting two-day swim meet where we will see up to 15 teams and over 600 swimmers. On April 24-25 we will host the CVC Championship, one of the fastest High School Swim Meets in the area!

Q: PVT has valued the longstanding partnership with WAC, how is PVT helpful to your organization?

A: We cannot thank PVT enough for their support. PVT has been extremely supportive in providing resource for our visiting teams and their families. In many cases, PVT has provided strategic partnerships with local hotels for our visiting teams to take advantage of discounted prices. As equipment ages and or needs replacement, PVT has always been willing to help and support the Aquatics program with these upgrades and or improvements.

Here at PVT we want to thank Adam for stepping up to the plate and taking the reigns as President of WAC. The aquatic programs here in Placer Valley are truly top-notch and it is largely because of the dedicated volunteers like Adam!